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The flora of Ventura County is rich and diverse, due to its unique geographic position on the California coast and its Mediterranean climatic regime, and rugged and varied topography.   This website is dedicated to providing information about the vascular plant flora of Ventura County.

David L. Magney has been studying and researching the vascular plant flora of Ventura County, California since the mid-1970s, with a goal to publish a flora and manual of all the native and naturalized vascular plants growing in the county.   No one has previously published a flora exclusively of Ventura County; however, there are floras published for parts of Ventura County, or floras that includes parts of the county with focus primarily on other adjacent regions, e.g. Flora of the Santa Monica Mountains, A Flora of the Santa Barbara Region, A Flora of Dry Lakes Ridge, Ventura County, California.   There are also some reports cataloguing the flora of portions of the Los Padres National Forest, such as for the summit of Mount Pinos, and the San Emigdio Mesa.   However, none yet have covered the entire county.

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